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Groups and Workshops:

Coming 2021:

Sexual Healing group for Women 


Whether you have a history of sexual trauma, or otherwise feel unsatisfied in your sex life, this group will help you understand and experience: safety and consent, enhanced body awareness, healthy boundaries, empowered communication, conscious relationships, and deeper intimacy for a more fulfilling love life. This group combines psychoeducation with experiential activities, and incorporates elements of creative expression, feminine solidarity, relationship building, story sharing, and mindfulness. Together we will create an intentional and safe container for joyful exploration of sensuality, sexual healing, and empowerment.

This is a structured, 6-week online group, open to 6 women-identified folks. It will meet for 6 conscutive Mondays starting March 2021.


Cost: $300 for the series. Some sliding scale spots are available. Please contact me to determine fit. 


* Although women with trauma histories are welcome to apply, this group is not appropriate for those living with active PTSD. One needs to have done enough personal healing that she feels comfortable talking about sexuality in a group setting without getting too disregulated. 

Psychedelic Integration Group 

This group is to support those who have have had or are planning on having experiences of expanded/ altered states of consciousness with psychedelics on their own. It is a place to: discuss safe practices and risk reduction, share stories and feel validated by nonpathologizing community, apply the insights gained during the experience to create meaningful and lasting transformation in one's life, understand the value of altered states in multicultural contexts, understand and heal from scary or confusing experiences, and to discuss the social and environmental justice implications of the psychedelic experience. This group will at times incorporate expressive arts and other creative forms of processing to keep the liminal space open and honor other ways of knowing. 

Meets on Zoom every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 6-8pm MST. 

$10- $50 suggested donation. 

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