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Transitioning from Sexual Trauma to Sexual Vibrancy

 (Services for Women)

Do you:

- Know that powerful sexual potential lies deep down, but have all but given up on it because your sexuality has been highjacked by your trauma?

- Know that more is possible for you sexually, but don’t know how to get there?

- Know your true nature is of a WOMAN and yet in intimate situations, become nonverbal, confused, scared, and small?

- Catch glimpses of your power in rare moments, yet don’t know how to live there?

-Feel uninspired by the sexual trauma recovery options that are out there, but also scared and intimidated by modalities that focus on sexual ecstasy?


...If so, this work is for you!

The Problem:

Sexual trauma stirs up a lot of associations: dark, heavy, broken, damaged, victim, etc. A lot of sexual trauma

treatment offers recovery from acute post-traumatic stress. This is a great start, but then what? Are such women doomed to amount to nothing more than some medically irrelevant standard of sexual functioning? What of our potential for pleasure, beauty, expansion, embodied power, radical authenticity, soul activation, and even transcendent spiritual experiences? (all of which I believe you are capable of!). A lot of sexual trauma treatment is conducted in environments that feel sterile, cold, clinical, and focused on what is wrong And meanwhile, if a trauma


survivor goes to a Tantra or other ecstatic sexuality education program, she may feel like the only one who isn’t relatively “healthy”, or trauma-free. Facilitators in these settings often don't have the training to integrate trauma with higher sexual frequencies. Where is the room for women with sexual trauma in spaces that pursue higher states of sexual fulfillment?

What if, rather than what’s focusing on what’s wrong with us, we focus on what’s right with us?

The solution:

The link between sexual trauma and sexual vibrancy is essential. 


There is a concept called the Sacred Wound. It refers to each person’s core trauma. This is the thing that confines us, shuts us down, and obscures our Spirit while we are stuck in it, but also holds the key to our awakening, our encounter with our True Nature, and coming in to the Sacred Gift we have to offer the world. I believe a lot of women with sexual trauma have very strong innate sexual energy. Our trauma is like a crisis, giving us the opportunity to transmute our sexual energy into its full potential. Doing so can prove to be our greatest means of personal empowerment and illumination, uniting us with the field of Nature and the Divine.  


Wherever you are on your healing journey, whether you are still working through acute trauma, or whether you feel ready to move in to what else is possible, I would be honored to work with you. I meet my clients where they are at, and help them achieve their personal goals. At the same time, I hold in mind the prayer I have for all woman... that we can eventually move beyond just surviving, coping, or managing our trauma to tolerable levels. It is that we can embody our full sexual and spiritual power as whole, beautiful, and sensual women.


My approach:

I have received training in sensorimotor psychotherapy, which is a modality of treating trauma using body awareness and physical processing of unconscious material. I draw from my training in conscious sexuality to help women develop skills around saying "no", using their power of choice, understanding the profound impact of consent, establishing safety, and developing clear communication. I’ll help you shift your relationship with your body from one where you avoid body awareness for the pain and fear it elicits, to one where your body awareness can unleash your vibrant sexual potential. I'll also help you learn how to have conscious relationships, where you are able to move away from abusive, manipulative, or unconscious relationships, and towards ones that are authentic, loving, and truly connective. 



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